Get Your Car Ready for Spring With Auto Service in Rockaway

As we wait for spring to arrive, many of us are starting to plan some fun springtime activities. While you're preparing for the warmer weather, one important task on your list should be spring auto service. To make sure your car keeps running smoothly and safely this season, be sure to bring it in for inspections and tune-ups. Below, you'll find a list of the services that are most important for spring.

  • Wheels and suspension: Potholes and uneven roads are rough on your suspension and can even move your wheels out of alignment. This spring, be sure to schedule a wheel alignment and suspension check to make sure your car can run smoothly this season.
  • Battery: The cold can drain your battery, so be sure to have it checked to make sure it's in good shape and have it replaced if necessary.
  • Wiper blades: After dealing with snow all season, your wiper blades are probably worn. Now is the time to have them replaced in preparation for spring.
  • Tires: If you have snow tires, you should soon have them removed and replaced with regular tires for optimal performance. If you don't have snow tires, be sure to have your tire pressure checked as the weather warms up.

When you're ready to get your car ready for spring, feel free to make an appointment at our Rockaway, NJ service center. We would be happy to take care of all your maintenance needs so your car can keep running smoothly this season.

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