Make Sure You Service Your Vehicle for Spring at Dover Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Now that we're fully thawed out of winter and into spring, and soon summer, it's a good idea to do a check up on your vehicle. After all, it's been having to deal with a lot of cold weather, and soon a lot of hot weather, so it's best to make sure things are in working order. That's why we're here at Dover Dodge Chrysler Jeep we have some tips for getting your car ready for warmer weather.

Routine checks like your fluid and oil are always a good place to start, especially if you had specialized fluids in place for the winter months. A freshening up of these will give your vehicle the jumpstart it needs from winter. Another thing to be on the lookout for is if you need an alignment. Sometimes, we all the potholes and rough roads of winter, our vehicles can get out of alignment, so having our team here in the service center check to make sure everything is on track is smart. Also, if you have snow tires on your vehicle, get them removed and place your regular tires back on. Using winter tires in the summer will wear on the tread, and make them less effective when the cold comes back around.

And, let's not forget spring and summer are the time of year for annual inspections, which we do right here at the dealership.

If you want to learn more, or are in need of service, contact our team here in Rockaway Beach, NJ and we'd be happy to answer any questions, and set up an appointment for you today.

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